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Model AP5

Model AP5

Automatic winding and stamping machine for the production of coiled and stamped armature cores, especially due to shape or reduced space applications (flat motors)

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Model FB-41

Model FB-41

Machine designed for high-precision grinding (finish grinding) of extrahard materials which initially possess a round shape.

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Model ts22/cn

Model ts22/cn

This model is a 5-axes digital controlled cutting off machine/grinding and is suitable for various different technical applications.

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Boccadoro SA was founded in 1944 by Fernando Boccadoro, in the years following the Second World War the company set itself  the aim of meeting the growing demand for precision mechanics oriented towards high-yield machine-tools.1



Our machines are the ideal solution for large volume or smaller productions and/or for prototype realization of High-output drive motors or generators, E-bikes, elevators, electric hybrid vehicles, cable cars and airplanes.


CIRCULAR Diamond sawblades

For extra-hard materials as synthetic and precious gemstones sapphire, ruby, ceramics, cubik zirkonia.

Mechanical-bonding,steel or copper


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