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15th March 2019 M. Team

At first it was known as Project Titan, often also as Apple Car, its existence has been questioned many times, but now a German newspaper claims that it will not be a traditional car, but that Apple Car is an electric minivan.

At once, a new confirmation of the continuity of the work arrives, as well as a clarification about the possible nature of the vehicle in the design and study phase in Cupertino. Not only that: the almost mythological Apple car, it would have been built as prototypes in two colors, gray and black, two colors that for years have been the most popular in the main lines of Apple products.

Therefore, the first product of the Apple project dedicated to the development of electric vehicles could surprise everyone: it would be, against all expectations, a van.

The name of the project gives a good idea about how much time, resources and energy the company devotes to the development of: “Titan”.

Surprisingly, according to the news of the last weeks, the first vehicle born of the project Titan of Apple could be a van instead of a car.

In fact, according to several anonymous sources in Germany, the first efforts of Apple’s work dedicated to the creation of prototype electric vehicles focus on the development of vans. These sources speak of black and silver vans, ready to travel the streets of our cities.

The first “Apple Car”, an electric vehicle of the ” half-eaten apple” could arrive in its final form between 2023 and 2025. It seems that the vehicles studied and analyzed during these years of project development were many and of different types.

Born as a project originally dedicated to the development of a complete vehicle, Titan has changed its focus by dedicating itself to self-driving vehicle systems.

However, according to recent sources, the focus of the project has changed again towards the general design of electric vehicles.

The fleet of automatic vehicles manufactured by Apple is comprised of 66 suv Lexus RX450h, each of which has a lot of radar sensors and cameras. These vehicles travel the San Francisco Bay area to improve the sensors, automatic control systems, software and all the equipment necessary for the safe movement of an automatic driving vehicle.

In January, Apple took more than 200 employees of its electric car project to other branches of the company as part of the restructuring process of the “Titan” project.

It is said that the company is applying part of the “Titan” technology to an autonomous transportation program, entitled “Palo Alto to Infinite Loop” or “PAIL”, intended to transport Apple employees between the campus of the Bay Area through the use of Volkswagen vans specially modified for their use.

In May of 2018, with 55 automatic cars and 83 drivers, Apple reached the second largest number of autonomous cars in the state of California, in USA, After General Motor’s Cruise, in possession of 104 vehicles.