Fernando Boccadoro, the founder of the historic company, died

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28th July 2019 admin

At the honorable age of 94, Fernando Boccadoro, founder of the historic company, died. Not many people know his history, symbol of audacity and passion for the mechanical sector.

Surely, he was an exceptional person who gave a lot for this sector.


Who was Fernando Boccadoro?

As mentioned, the story of Fernando Boccadoro is written with principles of will, courage and dedication to the mechanical sector.

Son of that art, the father also dedicated himself to mechanics, and after his schedule at the factory, he teached mechanic to other operators. The young Fernando always showed interest in this sector.

In fact, in 1944, as soon as he finished his studies as a precision mechanic, he created what would later become the family business.

His motto was: “At work, some doubts are more valuable than absolute certainties, because they help to make constant improvements.”

And it is because of these principles that today his small craft has become the great industry we all know.

Fernando Boccadoro was a strong and also a humble man, characteristics that today can be seen in his Company.

Currently has more than twenty employees who have reminded us of their founder with great affection and appreciation.

Boccadoro was also a great talent and an insightful man, qualities that made him known and appreciated.

In his life he had only one remorse: having to leave Locarno, where he was born and raised, and where it all began. The development of the neighborhood was no longer adequate for the growth of their business.

Fernando Boccadoro is a man that many will miss, he was a role model and that happen a few times in life.


The activity does not stop.

Although the founder Fernando Boccadoro died, the activity does not stop and continues to offer quality and support to the clients.

The company is in fact carried out by the entire staff of skilled workers, engineers, marketing managers, project managers, administration, management and to their nephew Riccardo Boccadoro the new CEO of the company, certain that they will continue with the philosophy and ideas of the founder perfectly.