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17th July 2019 M. Team

The Ora R1, the best-seller battery car, is making its debut in the European market.

The urban car Ora R1 has become part of the record book, it is precisely as: the best-selling low-cost electric car in the world.

A year after its debut, the Chinese brand Great Wall Motor has reached the goal, but the next challenge for the manufacturer is to alert the market: it is ready to be sold in Europe.

Just a few months after the iQ5 crossover and the car mentioned above started up, the new brand reached record numbers of parts purchased thanks to a careful design and sales strategy.

Little by little everything is possible now, the Chinese representation on the design and manufacture of electric cars is beginning to take shape. For example, in recent months the purchase of Polestar (Volvo’s electric sector), Saab, Lotus and Smart, without forgetting the shares of Daimler Mercedes and PSA /Peugeot Citroen. That’s not all, the Evergrande real estate operator will allocate $ 23 million to build one million cars and batteries with a capacity of 500 gWh per year.

Looking at it in detail, the lines of the Ora R1 are similar to the Smart forfour, but let’s see what is special and why once it reaches European car dealers, it should attract customers who want to buy a similar vehicle. The appearance of the exterior and the interior looks like the toy cars of our children and it seems that this choice was made on purpose to get attention.

In centimeters, the car measures 350 in length, 166 in width and 156 in height, well proportioned to face urban traffic. The cover is simple and linear: in the front part of the grill we find two round headlights.

It is pushed by a 47-hp electric motor and a 33-kwh battery pack, which gives it a range of just over 300 km. Its maximum speed is 100 km / h, which allows it to be used for city trips.

The interior design is minimalist, in the dashboard there is a touch control center, equipped with a screen for the management of functions, information and entertainment, on the steering wheel there are audio and telephone controls.

In the country it is possible to spend between 7,600 and 9,900 euros, the price fluctuates net of incentives and according to the chosen design. Of course, due to transportation and taxes, the cost here does not increase much, compared to other similar types, which start at € 24,878 (see the Smart EQ).

In addition, the package includes a warranty of three years or 120,000 km and coverage of the main elements of the electric motor is eight years or 150,000 km. At this time, to place an order, just go to Ora store or Ora Home, the strategic points of sale located in the shopping centers.