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28th July 2019 M. Team

Just as the price of fuel can change from one country to another, so the price of electricity to load cars can change. To understand in which places the cost is lower, and the best services, could help you a lot to choose the best way to manage your car.


Costs and more

Let’s start with seeing in which places the cost is higher or lower, to select carefully  the best city. According to some studies on the costs of fuel and electricity in 52 cities in the United States, the first 5 most economic cities for owners of electric cars are New Orleans, Salt Lake City €59,47, Louisville $60,70, Seattle $61,50 and Cincinnati $64,00.

Bad news for the citizens of New York. It seems that The Big Apple is the most expensive city for those who go to work in an electric car, followed closely by Atlanta, Riverside, San Diego and Phoenix.

Also the average saving is the lowest for the people of New York, who see an amount of around $ 55 savings each year. This is really low, if we consider that in other cities like Seattle they reach $ 222 per year.


Prices for work

Of course, we must make important clarifications with these statistics and numbers. In fact, it is necessary to consider that the different tests were performed based on the average movements of a driver to go to work. It is possible to average the daily and annual cost of a worker to get to his work or office, considering the different cities and the cost of fuel.

This means that the extras costs were not considered in the tests. We talk about, for example, of trips during the weekend or commissions after work that generate additional expenses. This type of data influences expenses to tag cities like New York as the most expensive in the United States.


And the car model?

Clearly, in this type of evaluation we must also consider the models of cars, that can present completely different fuel consumption. With the characteristics of the different cars, it is possible to average the expenses in a much more precise way.

For example, it was calculated that a Chevrolet Bolt EV with a power of 119 mpg will cost the owner about $ 550 per year to make a total of 15,000 annual miles. In contrast, a Toyota Corolla with a power of 32 mpg will cost around $ 1350 for the same number of miles per year. With this data we can know that in a period of 5 years, there is a difference estimated at about $ 5000, which is certainly not a small number.

So, to understand which city is best to buy and use an electric car, there are several factors to consider, which include the price of fuel and the consumption of the car. The evaluation of all these aspects can help to make the right decision.