Automatic winding and stamping machine for the production of coiled and stamped armature cores, especially due to shape or reduced space applications (flat motors)
The key to economically produce motors with disc rotor is a fully automatic procedure to manufacture coiled and stamped armature cores required for the rotors and stators in the axial airgap motors technique.
Core capacity from Inside diameter ca. Ø 60 up to Outside diameter max.350 mm


Picture Title Description Performance Consume
CAR in wheel motor, totally electric, hybrid, high power and resistance up to 500 km of autonomy, gears disappearing. + 250% of perfromance 4.9 tons of CO2 saved per capita annually
FAST CAR In wheel motor used very often in E-Formula to very high performance and overlook rivals +500% compared to conventional engine
GOLF CAR Used for caddy to bring the players to the field. +250%more powerfull compared to conventional engine

Technical data

Stamping motor 1,5 kW - 3 x 220/400V - 50-60Hz
Minimum number of slots 16
Maximum number of slots 90
Inside diameter min 60 mm
Outside diameter 250 – 350 mm
Band width 90 mm
Band quality Dynamoband or similar, weldable quality
Punching frequency Adjustable from 3 to 8 strokes/sec.
Band thickness 0.2 – 0.35 - 0.50 - 0.65 mm
Weight ca. 1600 kg
Overall dimensions ca. 2100 x 1300 x 1800


The slotline is determined by the control system on the machine. The following five configurations are possible.


: straight to centre line


: straight eccentric to the right


: straight eccentric to the left


: spiral to the left


: spiral to the right


  • Electro-motion techniques for household machines,e.g. washing machines, tumblers kitchen appliances, etc.
  • Fans, airblowers, glandless pumps with flat sealing disc.
  • High-output drive motors for machines and automotive industry.
  • Electromagnetic brakes for machine drive motion techniques.
  • Eddy-current brakes for machines and automotive industry.


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