This ES12 Sawing machine(saw machine) is conceived for sawing pieces, it is particularly used for sawing “carrés”, cubes, rods, pegs, listels, in the industry of synthetic jewels for both watches and instruments.

ES12 Sawing machine (saw machine) could be a device for cutting up bars of fabric or for surgical operation shapes in plates of material. The cutting tools of Sawing machine(saw machine) could also be skinny bimetallic disks with teeth on their edges, skinny metal blades or versatile bands with teeth on one edge, or skinny grinding wheels.

The tools might use any of 3 actions in sawing: true cutting, grinding, or friction-created melting.

The power Sawing machine(saw machine) provides a holding device for clamping the work and suggests that for mutual a U-shaped frame on that is mounted a straight steel saw blade that cuts once occupancy one direction solely. The saw presses down on the work throughout the cutting stroke however is raised further from the work throughout the come stroke. Cold-sawing machines with toothed disk cutters square measure used extensively in steel-rolling mills and in places wherever massive quantities of bars square measure cut. A formed clamping holding device allows bundles of bars to be clamped and cut at only once.

The band saw employs associate degree endless versatile dance orchestra with teeth on one edge; the band is carried on 2 large-diameter rotating wheels mounted on parallel axes a long way apart. Band saws that cut vertically square measure notably appropriate for surgical operation shapes in skinny, flat plates from workpieces that lie on horizontal tables.

Friction- Sawing machine(saw machine) square measure used mostly for isolating steel structural shapes like I beams, channels, and angles. The cutting wheels, with or while not teeth, rotate at such high speeds that the warmth from the friction of contact is ample to get rid of the metal by melting it. Abrasive cutoff saws, skinny rubber or Bakelite-bonded abrasive wheels that square measure operated at high peripheral speeds, square measure notably appropriate for isolating skinny tubes and hardened steel bars.

Technical data

Electric motor for saws 1.5 kW - 220/400V - 50-60Hz
Electric motor for drum 0.37 kW - 220/400V - 50-60Hz
Diameter of saws Ø 100 - 110 max
Diameter of spindle Ø 30mm
Saws' spindle speed 3000 r.p.m
Speed of the drum 0-800 mm/min with frequency converter
Useful surface of supp. plate 120 x 120 mm
Effective spindle width 210 mm


This machine is conceived for cutting-off

  • Synthetic and natural stones
  • Ceramics, Quarz, Germanium
  • Samarium Cobalt
  • Ferrite, Tungsten Carbides
  • All materials which must be worked by diamond saws

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