This machine allows precision cutting-off of all extra-hard materials, which must be worked by means of diamond bonded saw blades. The material to be cut is glued to a base plate, usually made out of marble and placed on the Y-axis worktable.5 optimized automatic workcycles

Vertical-feed sawhead

Technical data

Electric motor 3kW - 220/400V - 50-60Hz
Diameter of saws Ø 125m - Ø 250mm
Diameter of spindle Ø 30mm
Saws spindle speed 1000-4000U/min with frequency converter
Surface of worktable 200 x 200 mm, 300 x 300 mm
Effective spindle width 210 mm
Displacements 3 Stepping motors
Axis feed
X Axis (traverse) 140 mm
Y Axis (longitudinal) 300 mm
Z Axis (vertical) 140 mm
Step precision/Resolution 0.01mm
Accumulated lead error 5 µm (Indexing Accuracy)



  • Coolant pump with tank 300 lt
  • 90° rotary table
  • Special mechanical clamping device

This machine is conceived for cutting-off

  • Syntetic and natural stones
  • Ceramics, Quarz, Sapphire
  • Samarium Cobalt
  • Ferrite, Tungsten carbides
  • All materials which must be worked by diamond saws

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